Dear Justin….

On Monday, GWE left Los Angeles and went on a week long business trip to the East Coast. She had been talking about it for quite awhile and Justin was fully aware of what was going on. Besides GWE leaving at 5:00am, nothing was different that morning. We continued our normal routine of getting dressed, making breakfast, and heading off to daycare.

When we got to school, I asked Justin if he wanted to assist me in dropping Garrett off in the infant room. He politely declined and headed over to the main office to talk to a couple of his teachers. I quickly got Garrett situated and as I was coming out of the infant room I heard an eruption of laughter. It was coming from the main office. Knowing that Justin was last spotted there, I feared the worst.

When the laughter died down, one of the teachers told me what had happened:

Justin walked into the office and pretended to be sad. When asked what was wrong, he slowly replied, “Mommy went away on an airplane.” And then, like a man who had just come home to find an empty house and an envelope on the mantel, he pathetically whispered, “And all she left me…….was a note.” They all cracked up again in the re-telling of the story!

I assured them that mommy WAS coming home, but I could still hear laughter coming from the office as I proceeded to escort Justin to his classroom.

This is the stuff country songs are made of.

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