Daycare Diaries – 1/14/14

free-day-care“Garrett sat nicely during circle time while Teacher Lisa read, “Mr. Brown Can Moo? Can You?” Garrett rode a bike and went up and down the large structure in the classroom and outside. Garrett also drew a picture and wants to mail it to his mommy.”

I’m starting to suspect that Garrett is having more fun at daycare than I am having at the office.

The Return of The Daycare Diaries (For Garrett)

free-day-careNow that Garrett has “graduated” into the Teddy Bear Room at his daycare, I’ve begun to notice that his daily review sheets have become much more informative. What once was “Garrett ate and napped,” has now become more of a narrative as to what he did during the day. Honestly, I’m really beginning to think that the best year of life is age 2. Who wouldn’t love to have their day consist of playing outside, greeting your friends, and having someone read you stories?? This kid has got it made! Take a look:

12/12/13 – Garrett went up and down the inside slide and he sat during circle time. Outside, he played in the house and tried to climb out from the windows. He went over to the gate saying, “Hi!’ as people walked by.

12/16/13 – Garrett sat on Teacher Sheri’s lap during circle time while she read a book. Garrett climbed up the large structure in the classroom. He loves to go down the slide on his tummy.

12/17/13 – Garrett sat and looked at a book. He rode a bike and put sticks through the fence. He climbed through the hula hoops on the large structure. He went down the slide and went to the neighbors. He also listened to Christmas music played by the bell choir.

Here’s what my day consisted of: “Jason worked.”

Who had the better day? (Answer: Garrett)

Blogger’s Note: “Zero Point Zero”

In case you’ve been directed to this site and are wondering where the blog post entitled “Mr. Blutarsky….Zero Point Zero” has gone, it has been temporarily removed. I had recently written about my excitement for Justin attending Kindergarten and my concern about the type of education he was about to receive.

I was told that the posting was mean and could potentially have negative repercussions should anyone recognize which school and/or principal I was commenting on. Honestly, I do not care. I pulled the posting for personal reasons and I assure you that the posting will return at a later date.

In case you missed the posting, my rant was about the following: If an educator of children consistently fails to use proper grammar and sentence structure on memos that are sent to parents (or anyone for that matter), it is a clear indication of the level of education that child is about to be exposed to. It is not only your right, but your responsibility as a parent to question it, address it, and deal with it.

I promise that I will be THAT parent who not only expects the best from my children, but I expect the best for them as well.

Daycare Diaries – 8/9/12 (Justin’s Final Report)

Last Thursday was Justin’s final day at Day Care. He had been there a little over five years. On his last day, he brought cupcakes for his friends and special popsicles for the teachers. While I’m certain he was ready to move on, GWE and I were hoping this would last just a little bit longer.

Here is a copy of this final Dino Daily. He is in the background…cleaning out his cubby.