How to Play “Clue” (The Garrett Edition)

Who? Me?

Who? Me?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite board games was “Clue.” The premise was simple: Correctly identify the murderer, the murder weapon, and the murder location.

It was a thrill to correctly guess, “Professor Plum, with the lead pipe, in the library!”

We also had a version of this game in college where you would have to correctly identify the co-ed, how far she was willing to “go,” and where she was willing to do it.

The best I ever got was (name withheld), who liked to (act withheld), in the (location withheld.)

This game has taken on a whole new meaning now that Garrett is at daycare. The school has a policy of notifying both sets of parents if there is an “incident” among two students. Periodically we get calls from daycare that begin, “Garrett’s fine, but…” and then we are told about a biting or shoving incident.

For GWE and I, this has now become a new version of “Clue!” The revised rules are: 1) Correctly identify the child who instigated the behavior, 2) Correctly identity the behavior, and 3) Correctly identity the location of the incident. You get extra bonus points if you can correctly identify what on the other child was injured!

On Thursday, GWE got a call from daycare and before she was able to start the conversation I whispered to her: “Garrett, in the toddler room, with his teeth. And for the bonus points….Um…..on Colin’s arm.” GWE struggled to keep a straight face as she spoke with Garrett’s teacher. (FYI – I was wrong. It was Garrett, on the playground, on the stairs, with his teeth on the child’s back.)

We’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now. It’s much more difficult than you could possibly imagine!!

5 thoughts on “How to Play “Clue” (The Garrett Edition)

  1. Mine was a biter too. It’s mortifying – because even though everyone says “lots of kids bite”, it only seems to be your kid to be doing it in the places you go – you become the parent of “The Biter” – you can see the parents moving their kids away….no one else’s kids ever seem to do it.
    I always tried to send brain waves to other kids to bite someone just so my cutie wasn’t singled out….never worked.

  2. Yup – I find myself doing the “Walk of Shame” with my son when we leave daycare at the end of the day. I feel like I need to stand at the door and just apologize to parents as they walk in and out. Funny enough, he’s not doing it in anger. I think he’s trying to give kisses! He just doesn’t realize that teeth aren’t supposed to be involved!

  3. His was never in anger (well once – when a kid punched him first AND was trying to take his toy – if you won’t let to of my kids toy, you asked for it). But most of the time I think it was just a way to interact / get a reaction. He’s very extroverted – also went through a stage where he’d go up and just slap a kid….once he talked it definately helped to teach him to say “Hi – my name is Teddy – what’s your name?). Perhaps Garrett is just extroverted too and just likes the intersection / getting a reaction?

  4. Yes – there is no question that Garrett is simply looking for a reaction. The new thing is to run up to people and yell “BOO!!” as loud as he can. Then, he runs off laughing hysterically!

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