Lego Star Wars: Mensa Card Required

Justin and Lego

“Believe this took three hours to building I cannot” – Yoda

As you can see from yesterday’s post, Justin and Garrett got new toys. Justin got a Lego Star Wars toy because we’ve been playing Lego Star Wars: Clone Wars on Xbox 360. He’s the only kid who knows every Star Wars character, robot, and planet – yet, he’s never seen any of the movies. When we got home last night, he opted to play video games with me before bed and save the Lego construction for Saturday morning.

At 6:45am I stumbled out of my bedroom with both eyes closed and I was met in a long dark hallway by a very awake (and very excited) Justin. “Legos, daddy!!!! We need to build LEGOS!!!”

“Crap,” I thought, and might have actually said out loud. “Ok, buddy – I’ll get the Legos ready and you make the coffee….no, wait, other way around. I’ll make the coffee, you get the Legos ready.”

It took us THREE HOURS to build this Lego Star Wars toy.


A few things happened while building this toy:

1)      Justin may have learned some new words. At 7:45 he turned to me and said, “Daddy – Please stop saying “fuck.”

2)      Lego pieces are getting smaller. I remember playing with Lego “blocks” and “boards” when I was a kid. These new pieces are so much smaller. I’m surprised each package doesn’t come with a microscope and tweezers!

3)      Uncle Jesse is on my shit list. It’s his job to construct Lego projects with my son, not mine! He couldn’t be bothered to take a midnight flight to Los Angeles to help Justin – therefore, he’s fired from the family.

4)      Since when is a degree in architecture required to build a Lego structure??? Holy cow!

5)      And finally, I hope Justin likes the final product….because it will never look like this again. Ever!


Lego 3


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