Sherlock and the Case of the Recommended Daily Dose

Today was a big day for Sherlock. I checked in with him to see how he planned on congratulating himself. Knowing Sherlock, he would be celebrating with a couple of young (flexible) women…maybe a bottle of champagne…and a conveniently prepared hot tub just a few feet away. Imagine my surprise when he confirmed that he was in bed, but he was there ALONE.

“I’m sick” texted Sherlock.

“Yes, you are one sick puppy” I thought, but replied “Oh man, that’s too bad.”

He did inform me that he had gotten a text from a young woman who offered to be his sexy Candy Striper nurse for the day. “What was she offering and when will she be over?” I asked.

“She offered everything” Sherlock responded. “I passed.”

Many things in life have been accurately foreseen – the Mayans predicted the end of the world, Gene Roddenberry predicted warp speed as a reality, and Nostradamus predicted that Elmo would have a thing for underaged guys…but, no one saw that Sherlock’s libido could be struck down by a simple cold.

Hopefully, the only thing doing down on Sherlock tonight is his high fever!

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