I Am Not a Tissue

Justin and I were running a little behind schedule yesterday morning. It was already 10:30am by the time we got to school and Justin had missed playing on the playground, snack time, and most of “Circle Time.” We arrived just as the other children were being asked one by one to line up at the door to go to the “neighbors” (senior facility). I felt bad that Justin had missed most of the morning’s activities, but such is life with a two month old at home!

Since we had just walked in and Justin still had his jacket on, I immediately turned him around and positioned him at the door so he could be the “Line Leader.” Slowly, the other children fell into line right behind Justin. As they got ready to go outside, I could see that there were certain cliques of children talking amongst themselves. They were only mildly aware that an adult, who was not their teacher, was in their classroom.

Generally, I don’t like to just drop off Justin and leave. I prefer to take a few minutes to “hang out” with him before I go – and yesterday morning was no different. I got a chance to spend time with him in the front of the line and just chat. While Justin and I were at the front of the line having a conversation, he leaned over and wiped his nose on my shirt. I thought it was particularly gross and said, “Justin – I….am….not….a….tissue.”

One of the children miss-overheard what I said and announced to the rest of the class – “HEY EVERYBODY – JUSTIN’S DADDY IS A TISSUE!!” All of a sudden, (and in an effort to make the movie “Contagion” come true) every child in that classroom ran up to me and wiped their slimy faces on me. I was attacked by the wet noses and drooling mouths of eighteen little zombie-monkey-petri dishes!!!

I’m pretty sure that my shirt is now “Patient Zero” for a new virus!!

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