Justin Presents “Captain Underpants VS Fart Man”

CUJustin wasn’t in trouble. Justin was in ALOT of trouble. Why Justin was in trouble doesn’t really matter. What does matter is “The Punishment” and how Justin made the most of it.

Honestly, I was very upset with Justin and after I explained to him why I was so upset, he understood. He was about to lose his favorite things: TV, tablet, Xbox, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, IPad, and access to anything else electronic (with the exception of his electronic toothbrush) for two whole weeks. He knew I was serious and he knew there was no negotiating his way out of it.

The only thing Justin was left with were his books.

For the past few weeks, we had been reading “Captain Underpants” books. He’d been truly enjoying them. In fact, he was so inspired (and clearly had nothing else to do) that he began to create his own comic book.

For your enjoyment, I present to you “Captain Underpants VS. Fart Man!”


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