An Act of Appreciation

Justin ran a few errands with me this weekend. One of the items I needed was a dry erase board. When I got home, I scribbled a quick note on the board to Justin using some of his spelling words. He legitimately read the note! It was quite impressive!

He decided to return the favor. With the dry erase board and a black marker, Justin chose to show his appreciation for the father that dresses, feeds, and cares for him. Clearly, “respect for our elders” is a family trait.


3 thoughts on “An Act of Appreciation

  1. Unrelated story, but I thought you’d enjoy it, Jason. Yesterday, I was in the supermarket checkout line with Jayden in the shopping cart in front of me, and he starts swinging his feet. I didn’t notice at first (I was looking elsewhere) when all of a sudden–SMACK!–right into the jewels! “Jayden,” I said with my face somewhat contorted, “Do not kick Daddy in the crotch!”

    “Only kick balls,” he said, repeating the rule from the house.

    “Yeah, just not my balls,” I whimpered. The person in front of us on line started cracking up.

  2. Yes – I have been dealt the “Supermarket Nut Kick” many, many times. It seems as though it doesn’t matter how long the child’s legs are, his feet always seem to find a way to play “Hacki Sack” with my testicles!

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