What did you call me????

Justin in CarWhile driving home one afternoon, I decided to take an alternate route to avoid a stoplight. Justin chimed in from the back seat – “Daddy, I thought you said we were going home. Why are we going this way?”

I assured him that we were going home, but that I was taking the “back way.” GWE turned to Justin and said, “Wow, you are very astute!”

Justin paused for a moment, took a deep (concerned) breath, and then asked the following question: “Mommy………..did you just call me ‘stupid’?!?!?!”

There was a moment of silence and then GWE and I began to roar with laughter. We assured him that we didn’t say “stupid.” We were telling him that he was “astute” – he was someone who could accurately assess a situation!

Jeez – I hope I never have to explain to him that I think he’s “farcical” and not a “fart-sicle!”

3 thoughts on “What did you call me????

  1. My niece once completely lost her mind in an argument with her dad when he accused her of being “pig-headed”. She had a complete melt-down, which was only interrupted when she slammed her door in anger and accidentally caught her mother’s hand in the process. Once the pain had lessened enough that she no longer worried she would murder her daughter, my sister tried to talk to her about why she was SOOO upset.
    Niece: “Daddy called me ugly and fat.”
    Mom: “What? No he didn’t!”
    N: “He said I had a pig’s head.”
    M: “Honey, pig-headed means stubborn.”
    N: “Oh. . . Well, that’s true.”

  2. I remember my brother and I talking about ignoring my sister! She started crying and told our parents that we said we were going to annoy her…..
    Her attempt to get us in trouble didn’t work so well!

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