Garrett is an affectionate toddler. He loves to hug and play and be held. However, he has yet to master the art of “kissing.” His attempts at kissing (as a sign of affection) typically end in bite marks. He is like a Zombie Baby from “The Walking Dead.”

Here is his move: If you are holding him, he will first put his head on your shoulder. He’ll actually do that a couple of times without incident. Then, when you are least expecting it, he will put his head on your shoulder one last time…and then sink his teeth in as hard as he can!! His other “plan of attack” is to play with your fingers and he’ll wait for you to look away. The moment you look away, he’ll yank your hand into his mouth and chomp down.

I took him and his brother out to dinner the other night. After feeding Garrett a FULL dinner which included fruit, chicken, veggies, pasta, “crunchies,” milk, more fruit, and most of what was on my plate, Garrett should have been full (and if not “full,” at least he should have been tired of chewing!) Sure enough, we were playing “Finger Attack” for a few moments while Justin finished his meal. As I turned my head to talk to Justin, Garrett took advantage and LITERALLY bit the hand that just fed him!!!

As a word of warning, if you see Garrett and he is happy to see you AND his mouth is open – RUN!!

How many bite marks can you find?

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