The Undiscovered Country aka Justin’s Room

When Garrett was born, Justin made it very clear to his little brother: “My room is off limits, but I can be in your room any time I choose.” For 14 months, Justin thought he had defended the boarders of his bedroom successfully. Garrett has banged on Justin’s bedroom door, clawed at Justin’s bedroom door, and even yelled at Justin’s bedroom door in an effort to gain entry. To Garrett, this room is like a hot nightclub – the bouncer at the door keeps denying him entry, but once he’s in…he plans on getting “drunk” on cool toys!

What Justin doesn’t know (sorry buddy) is that when he’s not around, I may “accidentally” leave his bedroom door slightly ajar. So, if Garrett happens to notice that the door is cracked open and he is able to gain entry by himself – oops! On the few occasions I have allowed this to happen, Garrett has walked to the center of the room, looked around with an expression of shock and awe, grabbed the closest toy, and then immediately run out…as if he’s just robbed a bank!

On Friday night, Justin and GWE were having a mommy/son date at the mall and I was home with Garrett. After several minutes of clawing at Justin’s door, I decided to grant him entry for just a few moments. Then, to add insult to injury, I took a picture of Garrett in Justin’s room…emailed it  to GWE…and asked her to show Justin.

I hope he doesn’t see me…I hope he doesn’t see me…I hope he doesn’t see me…I hope he doesn’t see me…I hope he doesn’t see me.

According to GWE, Justin took one look at the picture and responded, “Oh, Daddy. That’s so silly.” It’s now two days later and Justin has not noticed the toy Garrett absconded with! I’ll let you know when he figures it out!!

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