Sucker Punch

As a grown man, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been in my share of fist fights over the years. Sometimes two men need to walk outside, beat the crap out of each other, walk back inside, and have a drink. While I have never been the instigator, sometimes things escalate and you find yourself sending a few messages with your fists (and maybe taking a few responses by fist or elbow as well.) The point here is, I always knew I was about to take a hit…no one ever sucker punched me…until I had sons.

Justin and Garrett have made an art out of punching and/or kicking me in the face when I least expect it. Today was no exception. While sitting on the floor and leaning with my back against the sofa (and playing with Garrett), Justin climbed to the top of the sofa with his Pokémon yo-yo in hand. When I looked up to see what he was doing, he threw the yo-yo down at my head. My assumption is that he didn’t think the rope would be long enough to hit me in the head. He was wrong. I took a yo-yo to the eye. (Fact – the yo-yo was first used as a hunting tool. Hunters would patiently wait in trees and when an animal would come by – they would kill them with a well-placed yo-yo to the head.) Clearly, I lived and I sent him to his room.

Garrett decided that he did not want to be left out of today’s excitement. While playing with him on the ground, he went from “cute toddler” to “drunken, Irish hooligan.” (By the way, if you ask my Irish friends, they will tell you that all three words mean the same thing!) Out of nowhere, Garrett grabbed my head and began to bite my nose…HARD. After I said ‘ouch,’ he tried getting  up while smacking me in the face repeatedly. And finally, after he had gotten up, he began to use his new-found balance to lift his left foot and then stomp it on my head over and over again. All of this, while squealing and laughing. I could have put the camera down to protect myself, but the look on his face was too funny!

The pictures on this posting are of Garrett as he is in the process of kicking my ass. The picture below makes me laugh the most. He is in the middle of stomping on my head WHILE AT THE SAME TIME looking out to see if anyone else is witnessing the “beat down.”

The message here is – if you ever get into a bar fight, you’re going to want Justin and Garrett on your side. They are mean and they fight dirty!!!

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  1. My husband is always amazed how our toddler’s feet and knees always seem to accidentally land on Daddy’s family jewels…..

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