GenXDaddy 2.0!!

Welcome back to the all new, redesigned GenXDaddy!!

Due to the growing popularity of this site last year AND the frequency of new stories – I decided to give this blog a new look! What you see before you is the work of Ben Girioux. He has spent the past month working and re-working the site. I think he’s done a fantastic job! If you ever need his services, check out his site at Ben Giroux Designs.

Enjoy the re-launch of “GenXDaddy!” I look forward to entertaining you with more stories in the future!

4 thoughts on “GenXDaddy 2.0!!

  1. I like the new design a lot, Jason. One question/suggestion, though: is there any way you can include the posting dates on your blog entries? They used to be visible, but now they’re not…and I kinda miss them.

  2. Yay! I’m much happier now, Jason. 🙂 (I do user experience design for a living, so I sorta look for things like that almost reflexively.) Keep on writing those great stories!

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