Garrett Loves Roller Coasters

Garrett-and-MommyWhile GWE and I have a lot of things in common, going to theme parks and riding roller coasters is not one of them. She loves it. I do not. The thought of standing in line under the hot sun with a thousand screaming children (who aren’t mine) and then getting on a steel death-trap (which may or may not have been maintained properly) is not my idea of “fun.” I don’t know if I’m more scared of the high school drop-out stoner who is responsible for stopping and starting the ride, the locking mechanism on the safety bar that never seems to click properly, or the visual of seeing rides “stuck” in the middle of the track. Everyone I talk to has a “One time I was on (insert ride name here) and we got stuck upside down for 4 hours….” story. Not me!


GWE has none of these concerns. There isn’t a roller coaster on this planet she won’t get on. In the near future, I can see this conversation taking place:


GWE: “Hey look, a roller coaster. Let’s go ride it!”


Me: “Um….I don’t think they’ve finished building it yet.”


GWE: “Stop being a pussy! It’ll be fun!”


GWE is such a roller coaster hobbyist, that she’s dragged our children onto rides with her. I used to think that she liked marking Justin and Garrett’s heights on the door frame as milestones. However, it is possible that she was really doing it to see when they’d be tall enough to ride “Full Throttle,” “Twisted Colossus,” and “The G Force Testical Crusher.”


Several weeks ago, GWE took Garrett with her to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Here is the roller coaster video she took of our son:


Clearly, he was terrified.


Correction – clearly, he should have been terrified…but he has his mom’s need for speed. We’re screwed.

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