Garrett’s Optician Has An ERA???

SeeingDuring a routine check-up, Garrett’s pediatrician suggested that we get his eyes more closely examined by an ophthalmologist. Garrett had no problem reading the eye chart with his right eye, but gave up when asked to do it again with his left eye. The doctor wasn’t sure if he was just being fussy or if he really had a problem. While this was cause for concern, GWE was thrilled to know that Garrett knew all of his letters and numbers!

A few weeks later, GWE took Garrett to the eye doctor and confirmed that he really was having an issue with his left eye. While he had no issue reading the chart with his right eye, his left eye could only read the top line. There were almost 10 lines of difference between each eye! The doctor concluded that due to Garrett’s age, this could be self-correcting over time as long as we got Garrett prescription glasses – and he wore them.

GWE took Garrett and his prescription to a place called “Michael C’s Optical.” He was fitted with a few different types of glasses. GWE sent me a text of what he looked like and asked if I approved. I told that not only did I approve, but I loved it! Now Garrett looked like “Doctor Who!”

Who-1Who 2 About a week later, all of us went back to “Michael C’s” to get Garrett’s glasses. We were greeted by Michael and he had Garrett’s glasses ready to go. Garrett tried them on and they looked great. Michael took the glasses back for a final adjustment and I spent a few minutes walking around his store.



In the corner, there was some sports memorabilia (which I assumed was from athletes Michael had fitted with lenses.) However, the more I looked at the clippings and pictures from the early 80’s, the more I began to realize that it was all just one athlete – a professional baseball player named Mike Chris.

Now, I’m not the smartest guy in the room, so it took a few minutes for me to make the connection. Michael C was actually Mike Chris! My son was getting his first pair of glasses from a professional baseball player who played for both the Detroit Tigers and the San Francisco Giants!! And, he played at a time when I collected baseball cards…so, Mike’s cards have to be somewhere in my collection!

Mike ChrisGWE is a true baseball fan, especially when it comes to the Atlanta Braves. As we got back into the car, I excitedly asked GWE if she had seen the “Wall of Fame.” She replied, “No. Why?” And so I told her. She was in shock! I looked up Mike’s stats and read them to GWE as we drove to lunch.

So – Garrett’s first pair of glasses were put on his head by a left-handed pitcher who struck out 46 people in the Major Leagues! Not bad!

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