What’s A Tape Deck?

While in the car, Justin took notice of something on the dash and asked me about it. “Daddy, what’s that for?” he asked while pointing to the gear shift.


“It’s a gear shift.” I responded. “No. Behind it.” he clarified.


“Oh, that’s the tape deck.” I answered.


There was a moment of silence and then he asked, “What’s a tape deck?” (Clearly, I have failed as a GenXDaddy if my son doesn’t know what a tape deck is!)


“Well, Justin. Music used to come on cassette tapes and you could play them in the car. You could also record on them. Mommy and I used to make mix tapes for each other when we were younger.” I thought that would answer his question. I was wrong. It just led to more questions:


Him: “What’s a mix tape?”

Me: “It’s like a playlist.”

Him: “With a lot of music?”

Me: “Not really. Maybe 8 or 10 songs. A few songs on one side and a few on the other side.”

Him: “It had sides?”

Me: “Yes, an A side and a B side.”

Him: “And you played it in the car?”

Me: “Yes, you put the cassette in here,” I said while I pointing to the slot for tapes, “and then in plays whatever is on the tapes.”




Him: “Can you put a tape in now? I want to hear it.”


And here is where I ran into a problem, I don’t think I have my old tapes. I think I transferred everything to my iPod. So, I had nothing to show him.


Me: “Sorry buddy. I don’t have any tapes to show you how this works.” (Honestly, it doesn’t work anymore. It stopped working a long time ago.)


At that point in the conversation, I jumped out of the car and ran into a store to pick something up. When I came back, this is what I found:




…After! (Yea, that’s my iPod!)

Me: “Justin! What did you do?”

Him: “I wanted to hear it play music!”


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