What is your kid doing in the bathroom?

HandleI do not know what my son is doing in the bathroom. For some reason, he has recently “discovered” the privacy of the bathroom and has spent upwards of AN HOUR in there. I’ve stood at the door many times and asked him if he was ok. He’s said, “I’m fine.” I’ve asked him if he needed anything: toilet paper, magazine, etc. He has replied, “No.” And, that is the end of the discussion. I am insanely curious….what is he doing in there?


He is only seven!! I cannot imagine that he is spending an hour in the bathroom for the same reason I spent an hour in the bathroom when I was 13. He is still into Legos, Mario Bros., and Captain Underpants books. Girls have no effect on him…yet. (But when it happens, I suspect we’ll never see him again. And, I’ll encourage GWE to do Justin’s laundry more often.)


One evening, he refused to come out. I decide to “document” the hour. After 15 minutes: “Are you ok?” (He says he’s fine.)

 Door 1

After 30 minutes: “Are you coming out soon?” (“No,” he replies)


After 45 minutes: “Justin – get off the potty. Your legs are going to go numb!” (Silence)

IMG_5093After 59 minutes: The only reason he came out was because we convinced him that if he didn’t come out that moment, he would miss dinner completely. Door 2

After he was finished and finally exited the bathroom, I stood next to the toilet looking for clues as to what Justin was doing. There were no reading materials and no toys he would be interested in (because they’re Garrett’s). Was he sleeping on the potty? Was he time traveling? Was he using his x-ray vision to watch TV through the wall while sitting on his favorite seat? Stumped, I walked out.


So – to my fellow GenX Parents….what are your kids doing in the bathroom for an hour???? Because I have no idea what’s happening over here.

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