Shave and a Haircut…Two Bits!

"Have you considered contributing more to your 401K?"

“Have you considered contributing more to your 401K?”

Yesterday, Garrett got his second (and much better) haircut. For awhile, his hair was cute. He had wavy, curly brown hair that was completely unmanageable – even after a bath. It was equal in length (and messiness) on all sides. Even when he walked behind the sofa, you knew exactly where he was because you could still see the top of his hair wander by.

However, the days of living with Yahoo Serious (look it up, youngsters!) were over and Garrett needed a trim. Like a pro, he sat in my lap and watched football on the television while Elsy worked her magic.

After she was done, I looked at Garrett and he looked back at me. I thought, “You’re a stud.” He probably looked at me and thought, “Why are you staring at me? Why aren’t you changing my diaper??”

As the evening progressed, I kept looking at Garrett. With the hair removed from his face, I kept trying to figure out who he was starting to look like. He reminded me of someone. Did he have my grandfather’s brow? Did he have my wife’s eyes? Were those my father’s ears? He just looked like someone I knew…but, I couldn’t place it.

Finally, at dinner last night, I figured it out. My kid looks like the “E-Trade Baby!” Take a look at the picture above…it looks like he’s about to give out some stock tips!!!

4 thoughts on “Shave and a Haircut…Two Bits!

  1. Jayden used to get that comment a lot after his hair cuts, too. But I think Garrett’s got a better chance of landing the role when they need to recast. The big question is, however: can Garrett actually pick some winning stocks? If so, please let me know!

  2. Hey Jonathan – I’m gonna put him on a newspaper and let him drool on the stock page. Then, I’ll see if I can read his drool like reading tea leaves.

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