Where’s my muffin?!?!?!?

When I was dating my wife, we would go out to dinner and she would end up picking food off of my plate because “I ordered better.” This never bothered me because it was just small bites here and there and I thought it was cute.

However, my son is a completely different story. Not only does he eat all of my food, he jams it into his mouth very, very quickly in an attempt to keep it away from me.

This morning I made a pit-stop at a Starbacks drive-thru for coffee and a muffin. I asked Justin to hold the bag while I gave the cashier money. While waiting for my change, I heard him rustling behind me and thought nothing of it. However, when I turned around to get my muffin – it was gone!!

I asked Justin where the muffin went – he responded, “I don’t know daddy! You need to get another one.”

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