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All videos and graphics are either mine, reader-submitted or believed to be public property. You are welcome to use any videos or graphics as long as they are credited, unaltered and linked back to my site.

Please do not use any photos of my kid without permission.

If you would like to use any content found within a post, please contact me at with your specific request.

“GenXDaddy” tweets and “Daycare Diaries” are my way of preserving the really funny things that kids, teachers, and parents write/say about their kids.¬†They are either mine, reader-submitted or sourced from Twitter. Each Tweet found on Twitter is credited to the username underneath and linked back to the author’s twitter feed.

When content within posts is from another site, it is always credited and linked back to the original source.

If anyone has issue with any material that is featured on my site, please contact me at

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