Justin’s First Real Rock Concert – Huey Lewis and the News

img_5862Ever since Justin saw “Back to the Future,” he’d become obsessed with Huey Lewis and the News. He’s been listening to the “Sports” and “Greatest Hits” albums non-stop for months. It’s funny to hear him doing his homework with his headphones on while humming along to “Hip to Be Square” and (his favorite) “Workin for a Livin.” Because he’s wearing headphones (that cost the same as my car – thank you Grandpa Bob!) he doesn’t know that we all can hear him singing. It’s pretty funny to hear a 9 year old sing, “…at least until I die, dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t, I’m supposed to get a raise week, you know damn well I won’t.”

One evening, GWE ‘bounced’ into the bedroom and shook me excitedly while announcing that Huey Lewis and the News would be performing at Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay in San Diego. GWE decided that I would be taking Justin to see his favorite band perform live. Before I could ask “If this is It,” GWE had ordered the tickets, booked the hotel room, and we planned on taking a “Couple Days Off.”

This is one of the few bands I’ve loved consistently over the years. While I was very happy to be seeing the show, I was more honored to know that I would be accompanying Justin to his first real concert! That made it that much better!

GWE and I had seen Huey Lewis and the News play about 15 years ago at the Universal Amphitheater and it was a great show. By pure coincidence, a few years ago, I was having drinks with a client at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills on the front patio when some rowdy guys behind us got a little too loud. I brushed it off thinking: “DRUNKS!” But, when they began to harmonize and start singing, I turned around to discover that it was Huey Lewis and the News! I was shocked! It was the best private show anyone could have asked for!

It wasn’t until the week before the show that we finally told Justin what our plans were. He could not believe it! (As excited as Justin was to see the show, I think he was more excited knowing that we would have to pull him out of school early in order to get to the show!) For Justin, the next few days were just a blur of counting down the days to the concert and asking which songs they’d be playing at the show.

When the day finally came, we jumped in the car, picked up the kids from school and we were “Cruisin’.” We all listened to (and sang along with) “Alive at 25” as we headed down to San Diego. Justin and I had just enough time to drop off our bags at the hotel and race over to the venue. To tell you that we had fun wouldn’t accurately describe it. It was a blast!

Here are some pictures (and a short video):



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Daddy Sings Christmas Music

Car pic

My kids are confused. They want to know why we’re Jewish, but daddy is still allowed to (happily) sing Christmas music during the holiday season. My response is simple, “Stop talking! Daddy’s about to hit the high notes!”

As the weather changes and it get colder outside, I get into the holiday spirit and begin to play lots of Christmas music in the car. I’ve got my Sirius Holiday Channel pre-set and my Christmas playlist prepared on my iPod. This year, I added two new Christmas albums to the playlist – Michael Buble’s “Christmas” and Idina Menzel’s “Holiday Wishes” (Hey Idina – “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” is not a power ballad! Rein it in a little!) and I’ve been forcing the kids to listen to this music for the past week as I take them to school. Justin tolerates the music, but Garrett (who attends a Jewish pre-school) seems confused as to why the music I sing sounds very different from what he hears at school.

This morning, it came to my attention that Garrett wasn’t bothered by the Christmas music after all. He simply hated the sound of my voice. He (along with Justin) found an effective tactic so that they wouldn’t have to listen to my voice. Together (that’s an accomplishment in itself,) they began to laugh at me….loudly!! Here is a sample:

So, to my fantastic, talented, wonderful boys, there is something you should know about Daddy: I may not be able to sing as well as Mommy, but I did sing my way through Europe after I graduated High School! In doing so, I accomplished three things on my “Bucket List”:

  1. More than once, I (along with some friends) sang for my meal in the Paris Metro. We actually made enough money to afford ourselves a nice dinner – with wine!
  2. I once sang my way out of a fist fight in a Beer Garden. (Drunk people are happy to fight other drunk people. But, drunk people avoid picking fights with “crazy” drunk people!) Singing like a lunatic saved my ass!
  3. While drinking in a German Hofbrӓuhaus, I sang a drinking song so dirty and perverted that the loud, drunk, and belligerent Germans we were with became silent. And then, they asked me to sing it again. (Someday, I will teach you the song that made many a drunk German shut up!)

You might be asking yourselves, what is the point of these stories? It’s simple: “Let Daddy sing his Christmas songs in the car. At least he’s not singing and drinking!”

50 Shades of Lego

My wife gazed at me longingly, but with a sense of urgency. We locked eyes. Slowly, she leaned toward me and seductively whispered, “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Now – where do you think my wife said these magical words?

  1. A romantic, candle-lit dinner for two,
  2. After a few drinks at a party, or
  3. On the Choo-Choo at Legoland’s Duplo Village Playtown while our two year old acted as “Train Conductor.”

Let me give you a hint: “All Aboard!!”


“That’s All I Need, Daddy!”

As I stopped at the gas station this morning, I opened the back door and discovered a collection of toys, stuffed animals, kids’ clothing, baby wipes (new and used), a musical instrument, a video game to a Nintendo 3DS, an instruction packet (to another game I’ve never heard of,) two “sippy” cups (one with old milk….or new cottage cheese,) one sock, a Zooble, and two cars seats filled with “Lexus Trail Mix.” What is “Lexus Trail Mix” you ask? Old Fruit Loops, Corn Pops, raisins, crunchies, gummy bears, and what are either dead grapes or blueberries. (I’m still not sure which.)

It dawned on me that both of my sons have turned into “The Jerk.” When going for a ride in the car, they don’t need anything – except this, that, and the other thing. All it made me think about was this scene:

Did I Misunderstand that Whole “Car After Graduation” Thing????


It’s true. Sports cars make men look sexier!

What do you get the kid who graduates Kindergarten? An Aston Martin, right??? (I’m not getting him the Bugatti Veyron until his Middle School Graduation.)

The day after Justin graduated Kindergarten, I got a call from Aldis Hodge. He wanted to know where I would be in one hour. I told him that I was working from the house while watching Justin. He responded, “I’ll be right over.”

Exactly one hour later, I heard an engine “growl” in my driveway…then stop…and finally, there was a knock at my front door. As I opened the door, I saw Aldis Hodge wearing a gigantic smile. In his hand was a key-less, automobile “key.” And finally, sitting in my driveway was one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery ever built – an Aston Martin DB9 Volante Convertible.

To make a long (and potentially self-incriminating with regards to Child Protective Services) story short, I slid into the driver’s seat while Justin sat on Aldis’ lap in the passenger seat. With a great amount of caution (and a quick review of my auto insurance policy), I revved the engine and backed out of the driveway. Together, we cruised the neighborhood in style! (Clients are always welcome to come to my home…as long as they roll up in style!)


“Hey Justin….Let’s not tell mommy about this. Ok?”

I’d like the thank Aldis for bringing this beautiful masterpiece to my house! By parking that car in my driveway, he single-handedly made me look cool to my kid, raised my property value, and potentially made me a target for a neighborhood burglary. Thanks buddy!