I Am Ashamed!

I broke into Justin’s Lightning McQueen piggy bank this morning for Starbucks money! That’s right….I stole $1.75 in quarters from a 3 year old. I am not proud of this and Lightning looked very disappointed as I shook him upside-down in my “caffeine junkie haze.” On the bright side – Justin got a brownie sample from Starbucks at 8:30am…..so, Justin did ok!

Potty Training….

My bathroom is now an obstacle course thanks to Justin’s potty training items. We have a step stool for him, a child’s potty seat that goes on the toilet, another child’s potty on the floor…and the whole bathroom is 6ft by 6 ft. If I ever need to pee, now I’ve got to bounce it off sink, then off the mirror, back against the wall, over the step stool, and through the little potty seat on top of the big potty seat!

My Son isn’t in Daycare…He’s in a gang!

I took Justin to daycare (as I do most mornings.) On this particular morning, he wanted me to stay for awhile and play with his friends. Everyone in his class is either 3 or 4 years old. While outside, he decided that he wanted to play “Frankenstein”. He grabbed my leg and sat on my foot and told me to walk – so I did. His friend Townsend watched us and decided that he wanted to “play” as well, so he sat on my other foot as I walked.

All was fine, until Townsend started slipping off. In an effort not to step on a child (I didn’t own) and still having Justin stuck to my other leg, I was a little off balance. And then, Dylan went in for the kill – and pushed me from behind. (In retrospect, I think they had been planning this!)

The next thing I know, I am laying face first on the ground with a kid wrapped around either leg and Dylan on my back yelling “yeehaw!!” (And while I cannot prove it, I swear I felt a little hand reach for my wallet!) Once again, in an effort not to damage children that were not mine, I tried to slide away from them on my belly….and one thought kept going through my head, “Where the hell are the teachers??” Yes, three 3 year olds took me down and KEPT me down – and there was no teacher in sight to save me.

After a minute or two of trying to slink away, I finally look up, there is “Teacher Linda” with a digital camera taking a picture. Just was she turns to walk away I hear her say, “Oh, that will be good for the yearbook!”.

On my drive to work, I thought about this incident and realized – “Justin and his friends are little thugs!”