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Family-1If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll notice that it’s very different than most of the other dad blogs on the internet. The purpose of this blog is to share stories. Hopefully, you find them entertaining or educational or (at the very least) they’re cautionary tales. But what separates this site from the others is that there are no ads. There are no banners and no pop-ups. I have chosen not to endorse anything on this site. It’s by design. If I recommend something, it’s because I really like it. Not because I’m required to in order to keep my advertisers happy.

And that’s why you need to know about our experience with Renee Bowen and Renee Bowen Photography.

Several months ago, my wife asked if we could take new family photos. I was not thrilled at the prospect. It’s never as simple as “Let’s take some pictures.” There are wardrobe changes, temper tantrums, snacks, toys, yelling, begging, and crying. (All by me, by the way.) And, all of this effort and aggravation for just 3 decent pictures.

However, this time, GWE suggested that we reach out to the wife of one of my clients – Andrew Bowen. His wife, Renee is a professional photographer. I actually liked her work way before GWE suggested it. You should really see her photographs! Click here for her website!

I put GWE in touch with Renee and the two of them planned the shoot. And, I must say, not only was it the best photography experience I’ve ever had….but, the family photos look incredible!! Here are a few of the pictures:





If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a photographer, I can’t recommend Renee Bowen enough! She was fantastic to work with, took exquisite pictures, and presented them to us in such a way that impressed my wife for weeks. I won’t spoil that for you. It’s a “you gotta experience it” sort of thing.

Thanks Renee! Well done!

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