Hide and Go Scare Yourself

Garrett or Poltergeist?

Garrett or Poltergeist?

Garrett has recently grasped the concept of Hide-And-Go-Seek. But, it’s not enough for you to find him. He has to see fear in your eyes and hear you scream bloody murder before he’s satisfied that you’ve played the game correctly. Sometimes, he’ll announce that you’re going to play (whether you like it or not) and then he runs away in the hopes that you’ll come after him. 

However, there are times when he does NOT announce that the game has begun and he just hides. When you’re not paying attention and a three year old comes out of nowhere while yelling, “SURPRISE!!!!!!!” – you jump! 



To a child – if it’s funny once, it’s funny a thousand times. To an adult – if it’s funny to a child once, it’s really, really, really, really, really annoying every single time after that!!


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