Space Mountain – The Picture

“Ready for the picture that will live on forever?” was the text I got from GWE yesterday while she was with the boys at Disneyland. I was expecting to see a picture of my boys hugging a character or walking hand-in-hand up to the Magic Castle. That’s not the picture I was sent. This is what I was sent from Space Mountain:


Never before have I laughed so hard at a picture of my son. He looks terrified! He doesn’t just look terrified, he looks like he crapped his pants. I know GWE brought extra pairs of underwear for Garrett because he’s potty training, but she might want to have considered bring another pair of undies for Justin as well. The expression on his face is unbelievable.


I don’t know if I should get in the car right now to save him from Space Mountain or if he’s really having a good time!



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