A Glorious Taste of Awesomeness

BowtieJustin is a “Gamer.” In the truest sense of the word, Justin eats, sleeps, and breathes video games. He’s into everything from Mario to Kirby to Minecraft. If you can play it on a console, he knows everything about it.

A few weeks ago, I installed Apple TV in my bedroom. From the comfort of my bed, Justin can now watch “How To” videos on YouTube for all of his favorite games.

While watching with him one evening, we stumbled upon Nintendo’s E3 demonstration for their upcoming games. Justin hadn’t seen it before and was riveted by all the new games that were going to be coming out over the next year.

I asked Justin, “Are these games going to be good? Did you like that presentation?”

He slowly turned towards me. The look on his face was a mixture of awe and amazement. It was like Justin had stared into the face of God. Once he collected his thoughts, he opened his mouth and said, “That was a glorious taste of awesomeness!!”

I don’t think those words have ever been put together in quite that way before. Justin may have inadvertently started his own catch phrase.

The next time you hear someone describe something as, “…a glorious taste of awesomeness,” just remember that it started with my son.

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