Things My Wife Told Me About My Son(s) #2

mgWhile sitting on the sofa one evening, GWE was minding her own business while watching television. Garrett entered the room and decided that he wanted to sit next to mommy. GWE was pleased that he wanted to be close to her, so she helped him onto the sofa. After a few moments of getting comfortable, Garrett relaxed and began to watch television with GWE by his side.

After a few more minutes, Garrett decided that he wanted to be even closer to mommy. So, he nonchalantly took his hand, reached into her shirt, and grabbed her breast.

GWE admitted that (for a brief moment) her mommy-brain went into material overdrive and she thought about all the times that she breast fed him. However, she quickly realized that this experience was not that and now a three-year old’s “mini-man-hand” was on her chest.

She turned to Garrett and asked, “What are you doing?” And, as if nothing was amiss, he answered, “Holding your booby.”

Honest, direct, and he got what he wanted…..for a very brief moment. Way to go, kid!

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