Sherlock: The Case of “What Happens in Vegas…”

holmesMany of you have been asking, “What’s going on with Sherlock?” Excellent question! So, I asked him…and he happily told me.

Several weeks ago, he was on Tinder when a pretty young woman contacted him. After a few conversations and some harmless flirting, she suggested that he meet her in Las Vegas for the weekend. He playfully continued their chat, but she repeated her offer to have him join her. Additionally, she told him that she was a Flight Attendant and that she could take care of his plane ticket and hotel room…should he end up needing one. (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)

With some skepticism, Sherlock accepted her offer. He had just enough time to roll out of another woman’s bed, get home to shower, eat, feed his pet, and grab some clothing before he raced over to the airport….where there really was a plane ticket waiting for him.

He flew to Las Vegas where he met (let’s call her) “Venus – The Vegas Vagina.” According to Sherlock, he was happily surprised how pretty and sane she was……and then they went back to her hotel room where the only “Strip” he saw was hers and the only gambling he participated in was “Do I wear one condom or two?” The following morning, he grabbed a few Gatorades, headed to the airport, and flew back to Los Angeles….just in time to meet another “date.”

Here’s the difference between Sherlock and GenXDaddy: Sherlock can leave at a moment’s notice to get laid. GenXDaddy cannot. I can’t walk out the door without first making sure I have at least one child, backup diapers, wipes, a bottle of water, an iPod/Kindle/3DS, a portable wi-fi device so a child can play with his iPod/Kindle/3DS, a jacket, some tissues (after a baby booger check), and then an extra 15 minutes so Garrett can pretend to play “driver” in my car seat.

Plus, no woman is flying me out of town to meet her for sex! Not even my wife – and she likes me!

So, to Sherlock I say – If you’re getting flown out of state for your “services,” you might want to start charging for it!

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