The Greatest Pick Up Line…from a Three Year Old!

PoolWhile lounging poolside on vacation recently, Garrett found himself mesmerized by the baby pool surrounded by three waterfalls and two giant “geyser-like” structures that spit out water. As I stood by that pool, I watched him play in the pool, then play with the waterfall, then come back to the pool, then run over (and through) the geyser. This went on and on and on and on…..


However, Garrett’s attention was diverted the moment two girls walked over to play in the waterfalls. The girls were probably 10 or 11 and deep in conversation with one another. That did not stop Garrett from making an introduction. I watched as Garrett climbed out of the pool, walked over to the girls, and said, “Heyyyyyoooooooo, Ladies. I’m Garrett.”


The two girls turned their attention to Garrett for a moment, said “hello,” and then went back to their conversation.


Fearlessly, Garrett interrupted again. “I Garrett and I have something for you.”


“Oh?” replied the girls.


With a sense of confidence I do not possess, my son boldly decided to use his first pick up line. Garrett answered, “Yes, I have something that goes up and down.” (I assumed the worst.) He then paused for dramatic effect,”…..a garage!! My garage goes up and down!!” The two girls giggled and then walked away. For a moment, I watched him watch them walk away. I think he wanted to follow them, but he choose to stay with me.


It really was a good pick-up line. But, I think Garrett learned the most important lesson about trying to pick up women: “Daddy is a terrible wing-man.”

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