Duck you and the Ducking Duck you Ate!

Food Pic

Never before has Justin been so relieved to get food out of his mouth!

As the restaurant manager leaned over to apologize for our food service, I looked at Justin. He looked pale. In slow motion, I watched as he raised an empty plate up to his face just as partially chewed food began to pour out of his mouth like lava. All I could think of was “Why is Justin spitting out food RIGHT NEXT TO THE MANAGER?!?!?!”


Earlier that day, we decided to go to an Asian restaurant for my birthday. “MommaBob” was happy to join us and we all met at the restaurant. After we were seated, GWE took the liberty of ordering food. As we casually talked and got caught up, steaming plates of rice, dumplings, and duck eggrolls arrived at the table. GWE cut an eggroll in half and handed it to Garrett. After a few moments of chewing, he pulled something out of his mouth and handed it back to her. It was a duck bone!


GWE was not pleased. She pulled the waiter aside and told him how “unpleased” she was. Moments later, the manager came to our table (crouched down so that her head was in between Justin’s head and Grandma’s head) and she began to apologize profusely for the food. She told us that they had removed the dish from the menu until they could establish that there were no more bones in the food. The manager also volunteered that from time to time they would find bugs in the vegetables and they would discard everything and bring in all new vegetables. (Still not sure why this was relevant.)


That’s when I saw Justin spit food out of his mouth. All he heard was “bugs in the vegetables” and he was DONE! No more food in his mouth….no more food on his plate…no more food within sight!


It wasn’t until we explained that there were no bugs in the food (at that moment) that he breathed a sigh of relief. It took a few more minutes for his appetite to return as well.


All’s well that ends well…except for the duck.

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