Dear Brother…

As I walked into the kitchen, I discovered Garrett standing on a stool while half-perched on the counter. In one hand, he held a pen. The other hand was used to keep a yellow pad of paper from sliding away. His brow was furrowed and he was passionately scribbling something.


“Garrett?” I asked. “What are you doing?”


He turned to me and announced “Blaggle, Flaggle, Blaggle.” (Ok, I’ve read too much “Knuffle Bunny.”)


And then, as clearly as I’d ever heard him say anything, I heard him say, “I writing Justin a note a come home a sleepover!!”


At first I was surprised to hear all those words coming out of his mouth. Then, I realized what he said. I had to make sure that I heard what I thought  I heard.


“Are you writing your brother a note to tell him to come home from his sleepover???”


“Yea,” he replied, as if to say “Are you deaf? That’s what I just said!” Afterwards, he turned his head and resumed his heartfelt plea for Justin to return home.


Here is the note:

note to justin

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