Get Out The Map

Last week, GWE was in New York for the first part of the week on business and then in Houston over the weekend with family. In total, she was gone for 7 days! SEVEN LONG DAYS!!!!


When we were in our 20s and she traveled for business, it was great. I used to love it when she traveled. Of course I missed her when she was gone. But, it was the “Welcome-home. I-haven’t-seen-you-in-a-week. Meet-me-in-the-other-room-without-your-clothes…” that made her travel more exciting. When she was gone, I’d make plans to have dinner with friends, maybe meet people for drinks, or actually see a movie in a theater. If I chose to neglect all of my responsibilities and not come home….the worst that would happen is that I’d have a hungry (yet, still indifferent) goldfish to deal with.


It doesn’t work that way when you are in your 30’s and have young children. They need things like food, clean clothing, and adult supervision.


Because this trip was a little longer than usual, GWE decided to make a map for the boys explaining where she would be going. I am attaching it below:

 map 1

 Seven days later, she returned to find that had “amended” her map. Once again, I am attaching it below:

 Map 2

 Do you see any difference???

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