Garrett to English Translation

BathAs Garrett sat in the bathtub, he kept yelling, “Daddy! I want my pirate seat! I want my PIRATE SEAT!!!” “Huh???” I replied, quizzically. “What are you saying, Garrett?” “I WANT MY PIRATE SEAT!!!” he screamed again. I honestly had no idea what he was trying to tell me and asking him to “use his words” was pointless because…he was clearly using his words!! “Can you show me?” I asked. Frustrated, he stood up (with bubbles from his bubble bath covering him from head to toe.) His little soapy hand grabbed the shower curtain and he yanked it over. “OH!!!!!!! You want your PRIVACY!” I exclaimed. “Yea!!” he said, while looking at me with an attitude of, “That’s what I’ve been telling you, schmuck!” From now on, if Garrett tells you he wants his “Pirate Seat” – you better give it to him!

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