The Woodcrest Morning News…with Justin Priluck

I sure hope Brian Williams doesn't lean over and kiss Lester Holt on the cheek before each broadcast

I sure hope Brian Williams doesn’t lean over and kiss Lester Holt on the cheek before each broadcast.

For the second year in a row, Justin was given the honor of being one of the youngest students in his school to host a morning news program called “The Woodcrest Morning News.” It is a pre-taped (by about 10 minutes) morning show which includes morning greetings, lunch details, school announcements, and the Pledge of Allegiance. He was originally given three mornings…but did such a great job, they gave him a fourth!

Truth is, he wasn’t “given” the honor. I had to outbid an 8 year old during a school fundraiser. Armed with his parents’ credit card and no understanding of financial value, this child kept outbidding me all the while smugly smiling in my general direction. By the grace of God (and possibly the call of nature,) he stepped away long enough for me to outbid him at the very last minute! Did I pay too much for this item? Probably. All I can say to that kid is, “Nah nah!! I win!!”

Attached below are all of his shows! Like any good host, he had different co-hosts each morning. Plus, he even allowed Garrett to make a cameo appearance! Enjoy!

Morning #1

Morning #2

Morning #3

Morning #4

“…And that’s the way it is”….Until next year!

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