What’s in Garrett’s Pants???

Pants PicAs Garrett stood by my bed, he had his hand in the pocket of his pants and he was searching feverishly for something. There was a concerned look on his brow as he “rummaged” through his pants. Finally, he looked up at me with a sense of urgency and yelled, “PENIS!! PENIS!! PENIS!!!!!!!”

Two thoughts crossed my mind: 1) How was I going to quickly explain to my wife (who was also in the room) that our two year old knew that word?, and 2) Why was he so desperate to find it all of a sudden??

Finally, I asked, “Garrett – where did you learn that word?” (Knowing full-well, that somehow I was to blame.)

GWE turned to me and clarified, “He’s not saying ‘Penis!’ He’s saying ‘PENNIES!’ He’s looking for the pennies that he put in his pocket.”

Garrett chimed in, “Yes, mommy!! Pennies!!”

Whew – that was a close one!!

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