That’s What He Said #2


For the past few months, Garrett has had “R’age Rage” – an unending and fanatical fascination with our garage. To our two year old, a garage door going up and down is magical. All we’ve been hearing at home (and at MammaBob’s house) are the following phrases:

“R’age go up”

“R’age go down”

“Imma push the button!”

“Mommy push the button!”

“Daddy push the button!”

“I go Gramma house and push the button!”

But tonight, while Garrett was playing in the bathtub, I heard him scream the following sentence: “I go to the garage and I push the button. Up……Down. I’M THE KING OF THE R’AGE!!!!!!”

To Garrett – our garage is the bow of the Titanic!!

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