Plant VS. Justin

Money Tree

It’s not a bribe. It’s just “a little somethin’ for yer troubles.”

Every year, each class in Justin’s school is assigned a science experiment to work on. The students do both group and individual experiments which are then put on display at a Science Fair/Silent Auction Fundraiser that the school hosts. This is a science experiment with a deadline!

Justin’s class decided to work with plants and other vegetation. Some of the students wanted to see the effects of colored water on the plants. Some wanted to see the effects of varying degrees of sunlight. Others wanted to see the growth differences between various beans. Justin’s plan was to simply “Grow A Plant.”

With four weeks to go, Justin planted his plant in a yellow pot. We went to Home Depot and he picked out a packet of wild flower seeds. When we got home, he put fresh soil in the pot…planted the seeds…watered them and waited…..

Week #1 – Nothing happened.



Week #2 – Nothing happened.

Empty Pot 2

For the love of God, please just grow!

Week #3 – GWE began to get concerned, so she asked me to get them growing. (Clearly, the ability to grow plants quickly was not a super power I was aware that I had.) I went back to Home Depot and picked out new seeds that I thought would grow faster. While Justin was at school, I replanted his science project.

Week #3.3 – Nothing happened.

Empty Pot 2


Week #3.5 – Nothing happened. So GWE called Justin’s teacher and asked for her advice. “Do we bring in a pot with no plant or do we “fix the problem?”” Justin’s teacher was calm and reassured us that sometimes this happens and that if we wanted to “fix” the plant – she would understand. The following morning, I explained to Justin that since his plant wasn’t growing, I would be going back to Home Depot (for the third time) to get an actual plant to put in the pot. I also explained to him that his teacher knew about what we were doing and said it would be ok. Justin asked, “Isn’t that cheating?” I replied, “No. Not if your teacher knew about it. She said this was okay.” He seemed satisfied with that explanation.

Week #3.6 – On my way home from work, GWE called me and told me that the teacher had pulled her aside that morning and mentioned that Justin had told his classmates all about our conversation in the car. Additionally, he said that I said that the teacher said that it was okay to cheat. GWE asked if I was aware of this “cheating” conversation. I hung my head in shame. Yes, I was aware of this conversation. Luckily, the teacher had a good sense of humor about this. (Note to self: Justin cannot keep a secret.)

Assignment Due Date – As you can see, Justin’s Science Experiment was ready to be handed in!

Flower in pot

It’s a MIRACLE!!!!

There is an addendum to this story. Several days later, Justin and I arrived at the school for the Science Fair and Silent Auction. We wandered around for a few minutes and then Justin took me by the hand and led me to his classroom. Before we got to his seat, the teacher pulled me aside and said, “You’re not going to believe what happened.” And, then she motioned for me to see Justin’s plant.

Full Plant

Not only had the “fixed” flower we planted gotten bigger……BUT THE OTHER SEEDS STARTED TO SPROUT AS WELL!!!!

I have affectionately begun to call this plant “Audrey II” and every morning as I water it on the porch I sing, “Feed me, Seymour. Feed me all night long…. “

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