Daddy is My Caddie (Golf for Kids)

IMG_2623I have an expensive addiction. It’s called “Golf.” It’s well known that I am a terrible golfer, but I still love to play. I even enjoy watching it on TV, but sometimes the soothing sounds of Jim Nance (and the Irish wit of David Feherty) lull me to sleep on a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon.

As a Hollywood Executive, I’ve seen many “addictions” go one of two ways. Either the person hides their addiction from their friends and family or they never shut up about it and seek out the company of others who share in their addition. I’ve gone one step further! I have created one (possibly two) offspring who share in my obsession. At the age of 6 ½, Justin has accepted my addiction as his own….and it is good!

I started him on his “(Golf Cart) Path to Ruin” slowly…through food. There is a local diner at the Balboa Golf Course by the house that serves pancakes. I casually suggested Justin join me for breakfast one morning. (‘Cause who doesn’t like pancakes??) I might have also mentioned that I had a couple of golf clubs and golf balls in the back of my car if he was interested in trying some “putt-putt.” Together, we did this a couple of times. I knew he was ready for the next step when he asked me to take him to the golf course one morning…unprovoked!

I took Justin to Roger Dunn to purchase his first set of clubs. As I discovered, there is not a large selection when it comes to golf for kids. There aren’t that many club choices….especially for a lefty! After getting fitted and taking a few practice swings in the store, we walked out with a brand new set of “Tour X“ clubs and Angry Bird Golf Balls!

Golf Bag


It only took Justin a few moments to get the hang of how to use his new clubs! Here are the results:

As I said before, addictions can be a dangerous thing. Some people choose to “Chase the Dragon.” We choose to “Chase the Little White Ball!”

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