My Potty Valet

"Pardon me, sir. Would you like a 'Mercy Flush?'"

“Pardon me, sir. Would you like a ‘Mercy Flush?'”

I’ll be the first to admit that when I walk into a bathroom and discover a Restroom Attendant, I get uncomfortable. Immediately, there are a new list of “considerations” that run through my head. I think about things like, “Should I wait for him to tell me which stall is open?,” “Will he judge my performance?,” “Do I really want to use any of his colognes, mouthwashes, or breath mints?,” and (the most important question) “How much do I tip?” and/or “I left my wallet at the table. Do I need to run back to the table to get my wallet and go back to the bathroom to tip the attendant?”

Any phobias I might have had about “bathroom etiquette” have been eradicated thanks to Garrett – My Potty Valet!

Garrett has been fascinated with how the toilet works. For a long time, we simply kept the bathroom door shut to prevent him from getting into any trouble. However, once he gained access, he immediate located the lever and began to flush….over and over and over again.

Now, Garrett has “Bathroom Radar” and is able to detect when I’m about to go. He quickly runs to the bathroom, waits for me to open the door, and then he casually stands by the bathtub until my business is complete. Finally, he rushes over to the level and flushes for me (with glee.)

So, a few new questions come to mind: “Has he found his professional bliss as a bathroom attendant?” and “How do I tip a 22 month old bathroom attendant?”

2 thoughts on “My Potty Valet

  1. Take advantage of his interest and potty train him now!!!!!! (Currently fighting on potty stuff with a 3.25 year old…..hind sight is 20/20)

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