Doo Doo Binkey

DarthFor my birthday, Uncle Ethan bought me a funny book called “Darth Vader and Son.” It was a timely purchase because Justin and I are in the middle of playing “Lego Star Wars III: Attack of the Clones” on XBox 360. To him, this might be the greatest game ever created because it contains his two favorite things: Legos and “Star Wars.” Ironically, he has never actually SEEN any of the “Star Wars” movies. But, he does know all the main characters!

I realized that I would not be home in time to share this book with Justin, so I left it in the bathroom where I knew he would discover it. Sure enough, when I got home – the book had disappeared.

This morning I found Justin in bed reading this book. I asked him if he liked it and he told me that it was very funny. Quietly, he continued to read it while he was eating breakfast, getting dressed, and even putting his book-bag together.

Finally, out the of blue, he announced, “Hey daddy!! It’s Doo-Doo Binkey!”

“Huh???” I thought…praying that he had not discovered one of Garrett’s binkies covered in poop. I quickly walked over to him while he kept excitedly pointing at something in the book  “Doo-Doo Binkey!! Doo-Doo Binkey!!”

I looked down to see what he was pointing at. “Hey buddy?” I said, laughingly. “That’s not Doo-Doo Binkey. His name is Jar Jar Binks. But, I kinda like Doo-Doo Binkey better!”



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