Toy Story 4: They See You When You Sleep

Several days ago, Garrett left a GI Joe toy on the back patio. It had been laying in the same position on the concrete for days. GWE confessed that each night she would check to see what position the toy was in and then she would check again the following morning to see if it had moved. I thought this was hilarious.

“Toy Story” had gotten her to consider the possibility that Justin and Garrett’s toys came to life at night. So, I decided to stay up one night to prove her wrong….

Toy 1Here is Garrett’s GI Joe. It’s face-down on the concrete.

Toy2Um…ok…now GI Joe is standing up. The wind probably picked him up. No need for alarm.

Toy3Uhhhhhhh…….maybe the wind is stronger than I thought. Clearly, GI Joe has gotten closer to the house. Somehow, the sliding glass door opened. Strange…

Toy4What the what?!?!?!?! GI Joe is walking down the hallway????????

Toy5Are you kidding me?!?!?! GI Joe is on the move! (Wow!! He’s fast!)

Toy6More photographic evidence that GI Joe is alive!! Holy cow!!

Toy7He’s going into Justin’s room!


Toy10HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!! HEL………….

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