Everyone’s a Critic

Either I've been shot or I'm lactating Tomato Sauce!

Either I’ve been shot or I’m lactating Tomato Sauce!

Last Friday was “Spaghetti Night” for the Priluck Boys! GWE was out with friends for the evening, so I decided to cook for the kids.

Justin loved his spaghetti and ate every bite (along with two extra helpings.) Garrett decided that he was not in the mood for “Spaghetti Night.” At first, he made his wishes known by yelling at me. When that failed, he tossed his “sippy cup” onto the floor. And finally, when all other forms of communication failed, he looked me square in the eye…grabbed a handful of sauce…and threw it at me. His aim was good.

Needless to say, I finally got the message. After some extensive clean-up (me, the floor, the highchair, the wall, the ceiling, the stove, my face, and the ‘fridge), I warmed up some chicken fingers for him instead and served it to him while wearing a catcher’s mask.

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