Pestering Celebrities on Behalf of My Son!

tom2As I’ve mentioned before on this blog (click here to see), Justin is a huge fan of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” with Tom Bergeron (or as Justin says, “Fur-geron.”) To Justin’s way of thinking, Tom is not only the host of the show, but he must also be the person who selects each video and chooses who wins the grand prize each week! GWE and I have even witnessed Justin talking to the television during the show as if Tom Bergeron could hear him.

Since I represent celebrities, a “star sighting” is a daily occurrence and not that unusual. And, since my wife does a lot with the Television Academy here in Los Angeles, she is not immune to the occasional sighting as well. Fortunately, we were together when we ran into Tom Bergeron at a Television Academy event (where two of my clients were presenting!)

We could not pass up this opportunity. When Tom was done with the Red Carpet, GWE pulled him aside…explained who we were (not lunatic stalkers)…explained that our son was an “AFV Uber-fan”…and politely asked if we could take a picture with him for Justin. He happily agreed. (GWE even went on to explain our son’s mis-pronunciation of Tom’s last name. He laughed and told us a few of the variations he had heard as well.)

The following morning, GWE and I walked into the living room and found Justin playing on a iPad while sitting on the sofa. We asked him to put the iPad away so that we could show him something. GWE pulled up the picture and showed it to Justin.

At first there was a mild recognition of what he was looking at. After a few seconds, it finally hit him and his eyes almost popped out of his skull. I could see the synapses in his brain exploding.

“YOU MET TOM FUR-GERON????????” asked Justin.

“Yes, we did!” exclaimed GWE. “And, we told him all about you and that you were a fan of his.”

“Cooooooooooooool.” he responded.

Justin looked at the picture one more time, smiled….and then went back to playing on the iPad as if nothing had happened.

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