Write for GenXDaddy??? Be My Guest!

"Whatcha writing?"

“Whatcha writing?”

What do you do when your commitments to your day job take over your night “job” too? I’m in the process of figuring out how to manage that myself. It’s been my goal to add three new blog postings each week to GenXDaddy. I’ve been diligent in my duties to this site for more than a year and I’ve even found myself writing many of my updates at 3am when I can’t get my brain to shut off.

However, as a Talent Manager, my time has become limited thanks to “Pilot Season.” It’s that time of year when everybody in Hollywood loses their mind! This is when all of the networks and studios decide which television pilots to make. Every actor in town is calling their agents and managers begging for auditions in the hopes of being cast as the lead in the next, “Lost” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” Pilot season is that magical time when someone can go from “unemployed bum” to “fame and fortune” in less than 24 hours. It’s also that time of year when representatives begin to drink more, throw items at their assistants, and roll their eyes when they hear that Rose Byrne has the offer on yet another pilot. (Really people?!?!? She’s the ONLY actress in town who’s available?!?!?! Seriously????) Back to the point….

If you’ve ever read GenXDaddy and thought – “He’s not that funny. I could do that!”…well, here’s your chance! I’m looking for a few “Guest Daddies” to write a post or two.

Here are the requirements:

1)      The story must be true;

2)      The story must be funny;

3)      The story must contain a picture;

4)      The story cannot be an admission of illegal activity. Please don’t tell me about that one time when you strapped your kid to the roof of your car as you drove home drunk after doing an 8-ball of cocaine with three hookers.

Other than that – we would love to hear your stories!! You can email me at jason@genxdaddy.com

All the best,


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