Is GenXDaddy ready for Daytime Television???

10 Hours LaterLast week, I posted a blog about my personal frustration over the complexities of “transforming” a new Optimus Prime toy for my son. I did finally get him into truck form and then informed my son that Optimus no longer wanted to be a robot – he only wanted to be a truck and he hoped that Justin understood his decision. Apparently, A LOT of people felt my pain with that posting! Thank you for the notes, emails, calls, and “Sharing” this on Facebook 257 times, to date!!

Last Friday, I was at home with GWE when I got a note on Twitter from @TeamRickiJackie. In 140 characters (or less,) she let me know that she was a friend of a client of mine and she asked for permission to use my blog and a picture of Justin. I sent back a note saying that it was nice to meet her – but, I wanted to know what she was going to use the blog for. While waiting for a response, I decided to look her up. Her name was Jackie MacDougall and she worked for “The Ricki Lake Show.”

I turned towards GWE and asked, “Is there something you want to tell me?” With a puzzled look on her face, she replied “No. Why?”

I decided to rephrase the question. “Honey – Did you contact The Ricki Lake Show because you have something you would like to tell me on national television? Um…will I be taking a paternity test? It would really suck to hear “You are….NOT the father” after spending three years working on a dad blog.” (Although, I do have my dance moves prepared in case I’m ever called to appear on “Maury.”)

As it turns out, The Ricki Lake Show has an upcoming segment today on “Toys That Send Parents Over The Edge.” She loved the blog and has chosen to include Justin on their site. This morning was the first time I saw my son’s face on the home page of The Ricki Lake Show! Too funny!!

Justin Ricki

Jackie – thank you (again) for following and giving it a national audience!

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