Dad Blogs Are Getting some “Leverage”

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you know that I represent actors in my non-dad blogging life. One of the many benefits of doing my job is being able to sit on my sofa, turning on the television, and watching my clients work! One such client is Aldis Hodge, who plays “Hardison” on TNT’s “Leverage.” Week after week, I take great pleasure in tuning in to “Leverage” to watch Aldis and to see (what I consider) one of the best written shows on television today!

A con involving Dad Blogging on "Leverage"

A con involving Dad Blogging on “Leverage”

So, imagine my surprise when I watched last night’s episode and discovered the crew manipulating “Dad Blogs” and “Mom Blogs” in order raise media awareness of a certain toy in an attempt to con the ruthless CEO of a toy company! I would consider that fairly progressive since many people don’t even know Dad Blogs exist!

If you get a moment this week, try and catch a re-airing of the show to see Aldis Hodge (Hardison) and Christian Kane (Eliot) debating the pros and cons of “Dad Blogging” while in the middle of running a scam!

Blog sites (like this one) have been on the fringe, but they are starting to become more mainstream. As a former colleague (who also has a dad blog) once said, “It looks like Dad Blogging is the new black!”

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