You Want the Tooth??? You Can’t Handle the Tooth!!

Yesterday morning, Justin was sitting on the sofa next to me watching cartoons while eating a pear. All of a sudden, he turned towards me and said, “Daddy, I think my tooth is loose.” I told him that it was very possible and I asked him to show me which tooth he was referring to. I reached into his mouth, wiggled his tooth, and confirmed that he was correct! We both marched into the master bedroom to show GWE.

I told him that there were a number of ways to get his tooth out. I offered to punch him in the face. He laughed and said, “No, daddy.” I then offered to tie some dental floss around his tooth and then tie the other end to the door and then I’d slam the door shut. He laughed some more and said “That’s silly!!” Papa Jeff (a dentist, mind you) suggested tying the dental floss around his tooth, then tying the other end to my car’s bumper – but, only after sterilizing the bumper first. And then, I would simply have to “drive off” with his tooth. Given the options, Justin decided to continue wiggling it with his tongue until it falls out on its own.

The picture you see above is clearly staged. However, it almost became the real thing! I thought GWE was holding Garrett while we were setting this up. What I didn’t know was that Garrett was on the floor right behind me. At one point, the dental floss fell off Justin’s tooth and as I learned over to grab it…Garrett darted between my legs, reached for the door, and slammed it shut. Had Justin’s tooth still been in the “Dental Floss Noose” – it might have been yanked out for real!!

As of today, the tooth is still in Justin’s mouth. When it falls out, we’ll let you know!

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