The Tooth Is Out There

The tooth is out! This morning Justin came up to me and said that his tooth was really loose. When he opened his mouth to show me, I could see that it was jutting straight out and had detached a little on the side. I assured him that “today was the day.”

He wiggled, wiggled, wiggled his tooth while watching cartoons this morning. He wiggled, wiggled, wiggled his tooth while eating breakfast. He even wiggled, wiggled, wiggled his tooth while getting dressed.

Finally, I marched him into our master bathroom. GWE (with ice-cold blood in her veins and nerves of steel), grabbed a tissue, reached into Justin’s mouth, and plucked out the tooth. He could not have been more excited.

The tooth is currently under his pillow. Before I go to sleep tonight, I will be making the “Tooth Fairy Switch.” In addition to leaving him some money, I’ll also be leaving him a note from the Tooth Fairy. I’m very interested in seeing what his reaction is tomorrow!



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