He’s a Complicated Man (and no one Understands him but his Woman.)

Now all I can hear is the theme song to “Shaft” whenever Justin walks into a room. I always knew that he was a bad mother (SHUT YOUR MOUTH!), but this past Friday solidified it for me! Allow me to explain:

I had asked Justin earlier in the week what his friends’ names were because I knew all of his friends at his last school, but he had not shared his new friends’ names with us yet. His response was, “Daddy, I have two girlfriends!”

“Really?” I asked.

“Seriously, daddy. I have three girlfriends.” He said it matter-of-factly. He was not boasting or trying to impress. It was just how it was.

“What are their names? I asked.

“I dunno.” And with that, he went to sleep.

On Friday afternoon, GWE was cleaning out Justin’s backpack when she came across a note from another parent. It seems as though a little girl in Justin’s kindergarten class enjoyed playing with him at school and she had requested that her mother set up a “playdate” for Justin to come over to her house. We immediately ran over to Justin and asked him to tell us who this little girl was. For a few moments, he wasn’t sure. And then, he said – “OH! She’s the one with the three braids in her hair.” (That gave us no insight.) Luckily, I had taken a few pictures of the kids in his class on the first day. I scrolled through the pictures on my phone and asked him to point her out. “Nope, nope, nope, nope….yep, that’s her!”

First of all, Justin has only been in school for 12 days and already the girls are inviting him over to their houses. Secondly, Justin got an orange tag this week – which meant that he was not on his best behavior at some point. Maybe she has a thing for “bad boys” and Justin was just her type. Third, (and most impressive) Justin played it cool. He did not act excited or ask us when the “date” was. He simply went back to playing on my iPad and left the arrangements to GWE. We have been laughing hysterically about this all weekend.

Justin is a wonderful kid. He’s smart, funny, and very friendly. He is a bit of a flirt and has no fear when it comes to talking to anyone. It is not a surprise to me if he is a bit of a “Don Juan.”

I just wasn’t expecting the parade of women in his life to begin in kindergarten!!!!

2 thoughts on “He’s a Complicated Man (and no one Understands him but his Woman.)

  1. She REALLY liked spending time with him at the school BBQ. She abandoned her family to sit with Justin….and another little girl kept “circling” him asking him to play with her. Too funny!

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