24 Hours Until Man-mageddon!!

In twenty-four hours, GWE will be on a flight and it will just be me and the boys until Monday afternoon. I assume that we will find ways to get ourselves into trouble and I’ll do my best to document everything that happens. I don’t want to wake up on Monday morning (like in “The Hangover”) with no memory of what happened and having the only clues be the pictures on my phone.The last thing I need are photos of Garrett getting a tattoo of Mr. Rogers giving “the finger,” pictures of a butt-exposing Justin getting thrown out of a strip club, or a “new” mugshot of me and my cellmate “Betty.”

The Similac is chilling…we’ve got some “play dates” planned…and bail (pulled from the 529 College Fund) has been set aside.

Let the weekend begin!!!!!

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